Southern Illinoisans say it’s time to stop the corruption and fight to save Southern Illinois

BELLEVILLE, IL — Brendan Kelly’s campaign today released its final ad in Kelly’s race for Illinois’ 12th Congressional District. Filmed almost entirely with an iPhone, “Travel,” shows Brendan listening to people across Southern Illinois — a visual that draws a striking contrast to Mike Bost’s absence from Southern Illinois, and his Washington record that has left Southern Illinoisans with crippling national debt and cuts to their health care, Social Security, and Medicare while Bost’s wealthy donors get tax giveaways.

Brendan has worked hard to hear to the concerns of Southern Illinoisans and, time and time again, they’ve told him that the corruption in Washington must stop. “Travel” shows that people in Southern Illinois are ready for a leader who will listen to them—not Big Banks, Big Pharma, and billionaires like Bruce Rauner.

Watch “Travel” here.

Script: I’ve talked to folks all over Southern Illinois. There’s a faith that binds us, but that faith is being tested by Washington corruption.

Lifelong politician Mike Bost isn’t listening to us. He takes orders from his big donors: Banks, Pharma, Bruce Rauner. They get tax giveaways.

We get crippling debt, cuts to our Healthcare, Social Security, and Medicare.

I’m Brendan Kelly and I approve this message because it’s time to fight like hell, stop the corruption, and save Southern Illinois.

Brendan Kelly is running for Congress in Illinois’s 12th Congressional District. The son of lifelong public servants, Brendan grew up in Southern Illinois. After serving in the Navy, he came home to raise his family. As the elected prosecutor of the largest county in the district, Brendan has fought corruption in both parties, prioritized prosecution of children’s sex assault, and successfully sued several of the nation’s biggest banks. He was the first prosecutor in Illinois to file suit against big pharmaceutical companies for their role in the opioid crisis. Brendan is endorsed by President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Representative Cheri Bustos, AFL-CIO, United Steelworkers, and AFSCME, among others. To learn more, please visit

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