Bost’s Congressional Office Is Sending Voters Mailers That Look Like Campaign Ads In Possible Violation of House Rules

Bost highest among Illinois delegation in taxpayer-funded mail

BELLEVILLE, IL — Just a few days before Election Day, residents of the 12th Congressional District began receiving taxpayer-funded advertisements in the mail from Congressman Mike  Bost’s office in possible violation of House ethics rules. Members of Congress are prohibited from sending any unsolicited mass mailing to 500 or more people, a practice known as “franking,” within 90 days of an election. The mailers promoting Bost say they were “prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense” from Bost’s Congressional office just ahead of the election, raising serious questions about whether Bost’s office is violating House rules and using taxpayer money to prop up his campaign. Pictures are available here.

“Throughout his time in Congress, career politician Mike Bost has made a practice of using taxpayer funds to promote himself,” said Sam Barrett, Campaign Manager for Kelly for Congress. “With days to go until Election Day, Bost is at it again. Only this time, it looks like he might be breaking House rules in the process. People are sick and tired of career politicians rigging the system to get ahead while the rest of us get left behind. We need to get the corruption out of politics in order to save Southern Illinois and we need to replace career politicians like Mike Bost.”

Bost has previously faced criticism for abusing the franked mail process. In his first three months in Congress, Bost spent almost $113,000 of taxpayer dollars to send more than 244,000 pieces to voters in his congressional district, more than twice as much as any other Member of Congress. Earlier this year, Bost was criticized again for spending another $91,631 of taxpayer dollar in 2017 on postage to send mailers promoting himself to voters, far more than any other member of the Illinois congressional delegation.

Brendan Kelly is running for Congress in Illinois’s 12th Congressional District. The son of lifelong public servants, Brendan grew up in Southern Illinois. After serving in the Navy, he came home to raise his family. As the elected prosecutor of the largest county in the district, Brendan has fought corruption in both parties, prioritized prosecution of children’s sex assault, and successfully sued several of the nation’s biggest banks. He was the first prosecutor in Illinois to file suit against big pharmaceutical companies for their role in the opioid crisis. Brendan is endorsed by President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Representative Cheri Bustos, AFL-CIO, United Steelworkers, and AFSCME, among others. To learn more, please visit

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