BELLEVILLE, IL – Mike Bost likes to talk about his organized labor roots. But when it comes to his own business, Bost’s boasting doesn’t live up to his talk. Bost Trucking, his family trucking business, is not unionized.

Bost constantly sides with anti-union forces. He’s accepted $16,000 from Bruce Rauner, who first brought the Janus suit to trial and has repeatedly tried to gut organized labor. Bost’s holds a 32% rating from the AFL-CIO and a 27% rating from the International Brotherhood Of Teamsters. In 2015, the last year for which a scorecard is available, AFSCME gave Bost a 10% rating. In Congress, Bost also sits on a study committee with Paul Ryan that endorses federal Right-to-Work and ending both prevailing wage and the National Labor Relations Board.

Bost also prioritizes the interests of his own business and donors over the needs of folks in Southern Illinois. Throughout his twenty year tenure in state legislature, Bost received over $61,000 from the trucking industry. He relentlessly tried to restore a tax break for the trucking industry and decrease the amount they would pay in registration fees — and even cited his family business as part of the reason behind his advocacy for the tax break.

“Mike Bost just does what he’s learned after 35 years in office — he puts his own interests, and the interests of his business and big donors, over the interests of families in Southern Illinois,” said Elana Schrager, spokesperson for Brendan Kelly for Southern Illinois. “In Congress, he’s sided with Big Banks, Big Pharma, and billionaires like Bruce Rauner over and over again. It’s no wonder that over 40 labor unions across Southern Illinois back Brendan. Just like Bost Trucking’s employees, they know that Mike Bost only looks out for his big donors — not middle class families in Southern Illinois.”

Brendan Kelly is running for Congress in Illinois’ 12th Congressional District. The son of lifelong public servants, Brendan grew up in Southern Illinois. After serving in the Navy, he came home to raise his family. As the elected prosecutor of the largest county in the district, Brendan has fought corruption in both parties, prioritized prosecution of children’s sex assault, and successfully sued several of the nation’s biggest banks. He was the first prosecutor in Illinois to file suit against big pharmaceutical companies for their role in the opioid crisis. Brendan is endorsed by President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Representative Cheri Bustos, AFL-CIO, United Steelworkers, and AFSCME, among others.

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